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Hi, I’m Laura.

I’ve been a lot of things, for a long time. I worked as a florist. I was a home stager and an interior stylist. I wrote for a natural health magazine, I was an in-house copywriter for a pretty major brand… And then, it happened. I had the Eureka moment that only happens to other people.

As a teenager, I suffered with some mysterious, undiagnosable illness that after about eleventy-six-hundred tests, only got fixed by a tenacious naturopath and a pretty vigorous diet plan. So, I’ve always been vehemently passionate about natural health and nutrition.

Eventually, while I was writing in wellness full-time, but not really living it – health coaching came to me via a podcast recommendation. It was an interview with a health coach and I agreed SO FEROCIOUSLY with everything she said – it was like 20 lightbulbs went off in my head in the space of 20 minutes. I realized that I could be passionate about health, and help people, and also be a writer, and creative, and anything else I fancied. (So millennial, right?) In that moment I decided to stop trying to squidge myself into one box, and just bloody do it all.

So, I went freelance, trained as a health coach and essentially haven’t stopped smiling since.

I call it the freebird life.

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