Hormones – A balancing act

Hormonal imbalances can cause all sort of horrible symptoms that range from mood swings, to endometriosis. If you’re here, chances are you’re in that boat.

The good news though, is that there are some fairly simple ways to balance them out through your diet.

  • Remove processed foods (anything with more than 6 ingredients, and anything you can’t pronounce)
  • Only choose grass-fed, organic meat, dairy and eggs (this avoids any extra hormones given to the animals)
  • Plenty of multi-coloured fruit and veg
  • Good quality fat with every meal (think olive oil, avocado, natural full-fat yoghurt, coconut, organic butter, wild fish) ((fun fact – loads of vitamins are fat soluble, so consuming some fat at the same time makes sure you’re absorbing all the nutrients))
  • Excessive exercise can be problematic for hormonal imbalance – it affects 60% of athletes. So, if you train fairly hard, consider cutting down a session a week, and replacing with something gentler like yoga/stretching/walking.
  • Could consider going gluten/dairy free
  • Personal care products and household products can contain chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system. Apps like Think Dirty are great to see if anything you’re using contains anything toxic.
  • Teas like sage, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, raspberry leaf, and dandelion
  • Omega 3 supplements – great for hormone balancing, along with repairing your gut, brain health, skin health and lots of other things too

Liver care

Your liver is responsible for governing hormones and getting rid of excess ones. If it’s not functioning at its best, extra hormones get re-released into your bloodstream to cause more havoc.

Here’s how to give your liver some extra love:

  • Minimize sugar, caffeine, and alcohol as much as possible. You don’t need to go crazy, but it will help to limit your intake. Try and do several booze-free days during the week, keep sugar to early in the day, and caffeine to two cups max a day.
  • Plenty of water (especially with lemon)
  • This is a bit woo, but was recommended by a nutritionist friend of mine. Soak a flannel in castor oil and place it over your liver, wrap cling film around to keep it in place and contain the oil, then place a hot water bottle over the top and relax for 20-30minutes, about twice a week. She said it worked wonders for her when she was detoxing her liver for some hormone stuff she was going through. 

Together, these tips should give your hormonal symptoms some relief. If you want to talk more about all this – book a free consultation with me and we’ll get everything back on track.