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We go together like ramalamalama… black pepper and turmeric.

Did you know there are certain foods that you can eat together to supercharge their nutrition powers? Here’s a rundown of some classic combos. Turmeric and Black Pepper These two superfoods combine their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties (curcumin and piperine) to increase bioavailability of curcumin by 2000% (that isn’t a typo). Broccoli and Tomatoes Both […]

A case for calories

The word “calorie”, can be a bit of a trigger. I know whenever my nana says it, it’s coupled with an intensely hushed, fearful tone – a lot like when the Harry Potter lot say “Voldemort”. And, the fact is that poor old calories have got themselves a bad reputation and should really sack their […]

Eat the rainbow

Did you just do the skittles voice? I do. Every time I say that phrase out loud, within me a little whisper echoes away. I haven’t had a skittle since I was about 12. ANYWAY. Ever wondered why you’re supposed to have as many colours on your plate as poss?  Here’s what all the different […]

Heavenly Granola

I had some spare time today, so I made granola. Inspired by this Deliciously Ella recipe – I did a freebird classic and was characteristically slapdash about the whole thing. Although it did need stirring fairly consistently – it wasn’t too much faff, and as I was putzing around in the kitchen anyway it was […]