10 steps to a healthy weight

What even is a healthy weight? It’s common to have a certain number in your head – “Oh I just need to lose 10 more lbs,” or maybe a person, “I’ll be happy when I look like Rhianna”. But, here’s the thing – weight is like height. If you are 5”3, you are never, never going to be 6”1.

If you want the scientifically approved way of working out what your “healthy weight” is – here you go:

Women – 100lbs +5lbs per inch over 5ft, -5lbs per inch below

Men – 106lbs +6lbs per inch over 5ft, -6lbs per inch below

But, that doesn’t take into account your activity level, frame, environment, relationships, sleep, genes or medications. 

So I say – screw the science.

My formula for a healthy weight:

How do you feel? Just ask yourself that, and I promise you, if any changes need to happen – the answer will come. We all know inherently what we need to feel better – it’s my job to help you tap in to what that is.

Here’s 10 steps to take care of yourself and find your ideal healthy weight.

  • Increase water and switch out sweetened or soft drinks
  • Eat whole, nutrient dense foods
  • Nix additives – I’m talking BPA plastics, phthalates in your toiletries and cleaners and weird coatings on non-stick pans
  • Sort out your stress 
  • Eat slowly and mindfully
  • Have breakfast – your mum was right, it IS the most important meal of the day
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Cook at home 
  • Sleeeeeeeep
  •  Exercise – I’m not talking about getting ripped, just move around every day

There’s a lot more to talk about around healthy weight. If you want to know more about lifestyle and dietary improvements to help you feel your best – book your health consultation now. It’s free, and I love a chat, so really it’s a win-win.