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10 steps to a healthy weight

What even is a healthy weight? It’s common to have a certain number in your head – “Oh I just need to lose 10 more lbs,” or maybe a person, “I’ll be happy when I look like Rhianna”. But, here’s the thing – weight is like height. If you are 5”3, you are never, never […]

Obesity – not what you think

I listened to an interesting talk with Gary Taubes, and he spoke a lot about obesity and calorie quantity vs quality. This was a massive eye-opener for me and I wanted to share what I found out.  Obesity and Diabetes have doubled, and tripled in the last 20 years – resulting in increased risk of […]

Brain’s in the gut

You know how the brain is the control centre of the body? It isn’t. It’s actually your gut.  Your gut microbiome refers to the billions of live bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in your large intestine (especially the colon), oesophagus, stomach and small intestine. When we talk about your gut, we’re actually referring to […]

A healthy budget

How’s your bank balance? Did you just cringe? Trust me, I’ve been there. Casually avoiding opening your banking app… not thinking something horrid is in there per se, just not wanting to tackle it at all. But, avoiding it is probably harming not only your financial health, but also your mental and physical health. You’ve […]