home health

Health starts at home

People are often surprised when I say “let’s talk about your house”, as part of a health coaching program. It’s not just because I love the topic and spend many an hour with my nose buried in interiors magazines, (seriously, thinking about redoing your lounge and want to talk cushions? I am your girl). But, your home environment has a major impact on your health.

Your home has the ability to support and inspire you, or exhaust and drain you. Everything you touch, see and hear has an impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. So, have a think about your home… how does it make you feel? Is it doing everything you need?

There are a lot of ways I can help you out with this. It could be decluttering, reorganising, feng shui, adding plants, increasing light and airflow, creating calm… I could keep going for ages. If you feel like your home is a good place to start transforming your health and your life – get in touch!